Western Ukraine is a conservancy area for natural purity. Pristine nature, silver waters of turbulent rivers, ringing waterfalls and orchards, endless meadows and aromas of mountain grass. It was here, among the spruce winds, where a real Ukrainian wine was born.

A unique technology of wine production and storage.

From the name, it is clear that “Buko” and “Vina” is a tandem of wine and beech. This wine is stored in beech wood casks. By its qualities and features, beech wood is very similar to oak wood, but fibres are not as close to each other. This is why the wine stored in such casks “breathes”. In addition, it was noted that in the case where grapes and wood for casks come from one and the same locality, the wine aged in these casks acquires a special set of microelements, a unique taste and aroma.

The vineyards for the production of ТМ Bukovina winery’s wines grow in the most environmentally clean areas of Ukraine and the wine that is produced from them preserves this natural purity.