Green Day

Vodka of a new generation for those who enjoy everything that happens in their life. Green Day vodka is for people making progress in everything. Discover life from new sides together with Green Day premium eco-vodka!

Competitive strengths

1. Environmentally friendly vodka. The production technology of Green Day vodka is certified according to international environmental standards ISO 14024 adopted in 56 countries. Its production does not have an adverse effect on the environment, and its components only contain natural ingredients that are safe for the human organism.

2. No alcohol withdrawal syndrome with moderate consumption.

The content of aldehydes and fusel oils in Green Day vodka is 2.5 times lower than the existing GOST standards! For consumers, this means a good state of health after use. That is why with Green Day vodka the evening will be pleasant and the morning will be good

Ecolife Filtronic spring water

Making its way to the surface, spring water passes through layers of gravel and sand, which provides it with natural filtration. With such a purification system, water does not lose its health-giving powers. It has a pure memory and does not change its structure.

Thanks to the natural water treatment system, TM Ecolife Filtronic water, which is used in the production of Green Day vodka, is identical to natural spring water by its mineral composition, purity and taste properties. And most importantly – it is delicious water!

Natural filtering

The filtration of Green Day is called natural one not in vain. To achieve the necessary indicators, TM Eco Technology system copies natural filtration processes that exist in nature.

The filtering material is selected thoroughly and has a natural origin:

  • special quartz sand
  • birch charcoal
  • activated carbon

These natural filters are located in 4-meter high columns forming a multi-level filtration system with a height difference of up to 10 meters. The filtration occurs by gravity, without external impact. At the last stage, to add ideal purity and brilliance, Green Day vodka passes through the polishing filtration by means of special filters having the finest silver threads.