TM Klinkov is the leader of Ukrainian cognacs in the premium segment. The secret of successful production is the ability to combine high-level, advanced technologies and classical, traditional approaches. The right choice of a blend makes it possible to produce Klinkov cognac with a harmonious bouquet and a soft flavour. The source of inspiration for their production is the workmanship of the author, Radostin Klinkov.

The name of Radostin Klinkov is well known to all world producers of cognac who worked with this talented technologist and blender, true to his cause, native of Bulgaria.

Radostin Klinkov is convinced: “Truth does not lie on the surface. If on this soil, and not on any other, the vine strongly roots to the subsoil and brings generous fruits, it means this soil is the truth for the vine. If this particular crop/variety, this measure of things, this form of activity, and not any other one, gives a person a sense of spiritual completeness, the power he or she never suspected to have, it means that this particular measure of things, this crop, this form of activity is the truth of a man.”

One of the best assemblage professionals, true to his work and an experienced specialist in cognac production, Radostin Klinkov, created his own product. He put an accent on the formulation, which was never applied in creating cognacs by anyone.

Klinkov is a handmade luxury.


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