Jean-Jack cognac is an incredible feeling of softness, ageing of cognac spirits in oak caskets, classical technology of production from unique vintages and recognition from connoisseurs. Jean-Jacques cognac is stylish, unique and incredibly soft. A step towards European quality was the use of casks from 100-year-old oak wood, which gave Jean-Jacques cognac a unique velvety aroma and a rounded taste.

Unique fruitage of grapes, vintages, are used in the production of Jean-Jacques cognac. They were first received by our agronomists in 2012. The peculiarity of these crops is that they are collected from the oldest vines in the vineyard, at the time of maximum ripening of grape berries. Large amount of fructose in berries allows us to get especially soft and rounded taste of cognac spirits, from which further blends for Jean-Jacques cognac are prepared.

Jean-Jack – born to be soft

Soft classics

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