Published:28.12.2017 in 16:48

“Golden Fortune” – the way to international recognition! “Villa Krim trademark has been awarded for its high quality of products and consumer confidence”

A regular event of “Golden Fortune” International Academic Rating was held in Kyiv recently. The nominees of the Rating are companies and their leaders who deserve the highest honours and awards for their achievements in a variety of fields: science, industry, culture, education, etc. IARTAS “Golden Fortune” regularly holds special events with the purpose to award those people who made a significant contribution to strengthening of the Ukrainian State by their creative work, persistence, perseverance, and those who won public recognition.

This year, Villa Krim trademark was awarded in the nomination “For high quality of products and consumer confidence”. Feliks Chertok, general manager of the company, was awarded with an honourable “Labour Glory” medal in the nomination “For high professionalism, high product quality and consumer confidence”.

Since 2012, Villa Krim trademark has been offering Ukrainian consumers a wide range of wines having consistently high European quality. Villa Krim means natural Ukrainian wines that captivate with their formulations and taste. The key to success of TM Villa Krim wines is a thorough selection of grape seedlings of the best varieties having excellent technical properties and flavour. The vineyards are located in valleys where about 300 sunny days are observed in the course of a year. Here, summer is characterized by extremely hot sunny days and record warm nights, which ensures the ripening of the most juicy and surprisingly sweet grape berries having an impressive fruity flavour and rich taste. Consumers highly appreciate the quality of TM Villa Krim wines, which is confirmed by the market survey made by Ipsos Comcon international company and the ever-increasing demand for its products. TM Villa Krim is the leader of the Ukrainian wine market.

Villa Krim – Special for Special!