Published:09.11.2017 in 11:37

The history of how Villa Krim Art Collection wine was created

Villa Krim Art Collection wines are a joint work of the best winemakers of Ukraine and Italy. For the production of Art Collection wines, we selected the best Italian grape varieties, and each wine has become a reflection of the nature of its region.

Art Collection wines correspond to the geographical area of their origin. Varietal (unblended) Art Collection wines are in the category of IGT wines. Indicazione Geografica Tipica – which stands for the “typical wine of the area”, in the production of which the grape variety, its place of growth, yield, production technology and alcohol content are controlled.

Art Collection is a story that inspires you to create a unique culinary masterpiece. Food and wine are an art that will give you unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Villa Krim – Special wine for Special dishes.