Time is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic phenomena in the nature of things. Time can create and destroy, can teach and improve, can set trends and make alterations. Time is a chief architect and resource of technologists and founders of Alef-Vinal. Looking back into the past, we understand how long the path was and how many events happened in recent decades.

“Someone comes to us with an idea, a dream. We assume responsibility for this dream, investing our energy and experience in the development of an exceptional drink, which will be the basis for future success in this field.”

F.B. Chertok, General Manager


Establishment of Alef-Vinal company

Launching the production of own brands

Creation of the most popular Golden Amphora brand, which marks the beginning of Alef-Vinal’s history. When designing and creating the brand, we produced Tamianka, the legendary queen of wines

December 1999
November 2001

Development of Klinkov original cognac brand, which has been a business card of the company until today. It is an undisputed leader among cognacs in the country’s premium segment for its taste

Improvement of cognac ageing technology at the plant in Bagerovo village. Creation of multilevel cellars for better regulation of temperature and humidity and even better softness of cognac

March 2002
October–December 2003

Marked by release of Helsinki premium vodka, which has ideal winter purity

Beginning of work to create the future Jean-Jacques cognac brand

April 2004

Marked by the opening of branches in strategically important regions of Ukraine.

Stable growth in sales of popular Ukrainian brands

Development, modernization and automation of distribution in Ukraine

Birth of the leaders

Launch of Ukrainka brand, the first national vodka becoming the leader in the country’s market

November 2006

Modernization of Golden Amphora Winery in Synelnikove town: large-scale increase in capacity, installation of advanced equipment from the world’s leading companies and creation of own vodka bottling line

Jean-Jacques cognac becomes a favourite brand of millions of cognac connoisseurs in Ukraine

August 2007
May 2010

Launch of Kosher, the first kosher wine, on the country’s market. The wine is produced under the oldest technologies, following the strict rules of kashrut.

Expansion of the export map, the beginning of cooperation with the USA and countries of Asia

A unique grape harvest is collected and spirits are laid down for future blending, which will grant an incredible softness to Jean-Jacques cognac

August 2012

The company’s portfolio is expanded with some new brands. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the best sommeliers of Europe and a special selection of grapes, Villa Krim wine collection is born. Long-awaited and daring release of environmentally friendly Green Day vodka of the new generation, which is produced under the control of and adhering to international environmental standards.

Team success

Development and launch of sales of Solod malt vodka, which can become the founder of an entirely new product category. For its production, the distillation technology used

September 2015
July 2015

In-depth studying of the Jewish traditions and rules of kashrut over seven generations has become a pre-requisite to the production of Kogan kosher cognac. A limited collection of Kogan kosher cognacs is developed under the exclusive technology, and a unique serial number guarantees that your bottle is unique in its kind

Beginning of Adjari cognac’s production according to the original Georgian formulation. The entire identity of Georgia is collected in this drink

July 2016
September 2016

Launch of ART Collection exclusive product line of TM Villa Krim, which was supported by joint international efforts of the best technologists of Italy.

Creation of the product that has no equals in the country – an original collection of Villa Krim wines. Its creation process took more than a year. Thanks to the revival of the old traditions, the new approach to the production by chief technologist Boyan Borysov, the company implemented its idea

Launch of a new product line – sparkling wines under TM Villa Krim. Thanks to incredible success of the same name trademark, a special and high-quality collection of sparkling wines was developed according to the French standards

November 2016
April 2017

Creation of daring novelty products. Launch of Green Day Ultra Soft and Green Day Crystal for the most demanding connoisseurs of pure vodka taste. For the first time ever, aromatic spirit of Damascus rose petals was introduced into its composition, and an additional stage of deep polishing filtration was applied

A series of experiments resulted in introduction of a unique technology for production and storage of wine under a new brand, Bukovina, which is stored in beech casks at its final production stage.

June 2017