Matching wine and food

Published:07.11.2017 in 19:20

Matching wine and food

The combination of wine and food creates a “synergy” of taste, which cannot be achieved when consuming wine or food separately.

The culinary art is heterogeneous and versatile. If you have long thought to set your foot on the first step of knowledge of the right food and wine paring, to experience that bliss that gastronomy gives – we offer you to master the laws and subtleties of this science, to plunge into the world of pleasure, which the same “synergy” of taste gives. Wine can perfectly complement and emphasize the taste of food, but only a properly selected drink will truly reveal all the flavours and tones. One can say that wine and food are compulsory items in the menu of real gourmets, and as for their pairing rules, we have something to share and tell you.

Many people know that cheese and wine are perfectly matched. In our opinion, this is one of the most successful flavour combinations that emphasize each other’s advantages. However, even such a seemingly simple matter, choosing cheese to wine, has its own rules. For this, one should start with the most general principles. Their knowledge allows you to choose the right wine with a greater degree of probability, and to appreciate the harmony of the flavour mix. White wines emphasize the savour of cheese and red wines pair well with almost all hard cheese types. For example, flavourful and rich taste of Villa Krim Traminer Blanc wine is in great balance with the spicy and salty taste of Roquefort, the king of blue cheeses, and universally known flavoury Parmesan cheese, Cheddar or Gouda with the taste of baked milk and long aftertaste, perfectly pair with rich tannins of Villa Krim Cabernet. This wine emphasizes the strength and density of cheese.

Most likely, you came across such a rather “traditional” combination of wine and fruit at the table on many occasions. Of course, such a combination is an affordable and simple “classics of home cooking”, and it seems that it is not even worthwhile to read further. Yet, is it worth jumping off the deep end and do you really have to combine wine with fruits? In other words, fresh fruit and berries are rather great as a dessert, but not as a pair to wine, especially dry one. It is better to look for alternative baked or roasted options. Do not be surprised. Just when the fruits are baked, their taste and texture are much more delicate than those of their fresh analogues. The combination of red Muscat grape varieties in Villa Krim Muscat Berbarro perfectly adorns baked peaches, pears and apples. In such a tandem, you can experiment even with spices. While a little fresh and daring Villa Krim Muscat Marbel wine will emphasize the flavour of fresh melon and white grapes.

The main principle of the harmonious combination of wine and food is to try to imagine them both in the most beneficial light, so that they do not conceal the benefits of each other, but on the contrary, emphasize and mutually complement their tastes and aromatic features. Red wine perfectly matches meat dishes of red meat, steaks, ribs and barbecue dishes. It also pairs well with poultry meat, especially fat one; therefore, Shevalie Rouge from Villa Krim will be a perfect pair for game dishes and baked poultry. Veal and lamb are special meat that can be served with Villa Krim Pinot Noir. Their taste is more delicate, so it is worth picking wines with simple aromatics. And such bright wines like Villa Krim Piccolo or Saperavi will make an ideal match for your steak, meat snacks and liver.

To solve a complex task it is not necessary to resort to mathematics. To serve a fish dish and then to try to find the perfect pair for it is a risk, which can become a difficult dilemma even for a self-confident expert because fish is one of the most tricky ingredients to combine with wine. As a rule, any fish matches well with white wine, while some types of fish only benefit from an alliance with a certain type of white wine: seabass, sea bream, trout, halibut and hake are best matched with fresh, clear wines that have lively aromatics, such as Shateau Baron or Chardonnay Villa Krim wines, which perfectly balance a specific taste of fish. For firm and fleshy fish with rich and savoury sea flavours such as mackerel, tuna, anchovies, we offer light Villa Krim Shateau Le Grand or a delicate and sharp medium-bodied white wine such as Pinot Blanc.

At the end of our wine and food performance, let us dwell on the most delicious little joys that are desserts. The love of the humankind for sweet food has such ancient roots as the history of the human race itself. Sweets and wine are a perfect finish for a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner. Special occasion receptions or holiday meals in the circle of the loved ones rarely take place without desserts with wine. And the selection of wines for desserts is one of the most exciting topics in the area of matching food and drinks. In the “sweet” part of the spectrum, the “simple to complex” rule is always valid. For example, in France, a bottle of seasoned wine is advised just with a piece of grain bread rather than arranging “sweet chaos” in your mouth. While for us, everything rolls into one thing: pink wine. It perfectly pairs with desserts in warm summer evenings. A little romantic, a little light-hearted drink is able to open up the full flavour palette of tiramisu, ice cream or can harmoniously match with macaroons and cheesecake, but at the same time, it is a completely self-contained drink that has both its own production technology and the unique flavour and aromatic features. Villa Krim Muscat Riviera is perfectly drinkable in pure form or with ice. They say that women’s hearts can be conquered with its help because of the unusual pink colour, which creates a playful mood, twinkling in a filled glass. It is called “rose” in France, “blush” in the USA, “rosado” in Spain, and Villa Krim Muscat Riviera in Ukraine …

The pleasure of food and wine can only be achieved when you strive for it, when you experiment, listen to your taste, when you approach the future gastronomic combination with curiosity and inspiration. You should not limit yourself to matching food and wine “according to the rules”. We recommend looking for your favourite gastronomic pairs, because it is quite possible that your ideas will be the basis for new rules for gourmets in the future!

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