Published:07.11.2017 in 10:12

ТМ Green Day presented its new products that will be hits

One of the most famous Ukrainian eco-brands presented its new products, which promise to be hits on the Ukrainian vodka market by their features.

According to surveys, buyers rate Green Day high for its pure taste, stylish design and for feeling good health in the morning. The collection of eco-vodka has received two new products – Green Day Crystal and Green Day Ultra Soft.

Green Day Ultra Soft vodka has an amazingly soft taste and a weightless aroma. “The new formulations are interesting and unique. For example, for the first time ever we introduced aromatic spirit of Damascus rose petals into the formulation, which rounds the taste and neutralizes the smell of alcohol. The result exceeded our expectations – Green Day Ultra Soft has probably become the vodka with the softest taste in Green Day product line,” Sergiy Korolchuk, marketing director of the company, comments on the new product.

As for Green Day Crystal vodka, this is perhaps our most daring novelty. For the first time ever we used black colour in the design of eco-vodka, and the pattern on the label changes depending on the lighting.

The vodka itself undergoes an additional stage of deep polishing filtration. After that, Green Day Crystal literally twinkles with the shine of its crystalline liquid! This vodka is for the most demanding devotees of pure vodka taste.

And most importantly, whatever Green Day product you choose, one thing remains unchanged – feeling of good health in the morning! With Green Day, the evening will be enjoyable and the morning will be good!